How to Enjoy Going Bald

Maybe you didn’t want to lose your hair.

Perhaps you feel self-conscious.

But like everything else in life, you can make the best of it.

How to Enjoy Going Bald

Want to know what the secret is?

Instead of treating it like a burden, turn it into a treat.

Make it appealing

Remember the story of Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence?

Tom didn’t want to paint. He wanted to play.

So, with a stroke of genius, he tricked others into doing the work for him.

He did it by making the job of painting the fence seem like the most desirable thing to do in the whole world.

Other kids even paid him for the privilege.

It’s time to do the same thing in your mind.

Make being bald extremely desirable.

Start off by developing a routine that you enjoy.

First, choose a barbershop-quality shaving cream for your head.

You know, the ones that let the razor glide without nicking your skin.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cream or an oil.

Choose a shaving product that protects your scalp and leaves it silky smooth.

Make it a pleasure to maintain your head bald.

When it’s something you look forward to, it’s a lot easier.

Keep it comfortable

Next, keep it comfortable by applying moisturizer.

The best best lotions for bald heads prevent ingrown hairs.

Some polish the surface while others leave your skin looking clean and natural.

It’s up to you how you want to look.

You might think you don’t need a moisturizer to hydrate your scalp, but you actually do.

It will prevent dandruff and keep wrinkles at bay (1).

You don’t want an itchy head, do you?

Now that your skin is smooth and soft, it feels nice to touch.

You’ll find that people love to touch bald heads.

That’s another good reason to still use shampoo. It reduces odor and oiliness and cleanses the scalp better than soap.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Sunburn on your head hurts. When it starts to peel, it’s a disaster. And skin cancer surgery isn’t fun, either.

A healthy bald scalp is instantly noticeable.

Make it a statement

You have a ritual that motivates you to take good care of your head.

But how can you take it to the next level?

How can you use your baldness to convey a message to others?

And what you want to say?

Think about these things.

What does Jason Statham’s baldness declare to you? Maybe that he’s a badass and doesn’t care what you think. He’ll get the job done, hair or not.

Or what about Dwayne  Johnson’s highly-polished dome?

It may take a while for you and others to get used to your appearance. But the more at ease you feel, the more you can get on with your life.

Be bold.

Remember the silver lining

Finally, think of the savings.

Yes, I know I recommended that you continue to use shampoo. And we discussed shaving cream and moisturizer.

Therefore, you’ll still have expenses.

But consider all the money you’ll save in not getting haircuts, color treatments, perms, and so on.

You might even decide to use the cash to get a tattoo.

Also, reflect on all the time you’ll save.

There’s no need for brushing, curling, or blow-drying.

Other people may depend on their hair’s appearance to feel attractive.

But you no longer have this luxury, which is a kind of blessing.

It won’t matter if it rains because it won’t ruin your hairdo.

It can be humbling to be bald, but it can make you stronger and braver. You’ll become a little less focused on yourself and perhaps more compassionate.

Truly, baldness is an adventure with new experiences for you.

Suddenly, you’ll see bald people everywhere, from monks to chefs to cancer patients, and so on.

You’ll be part of this community with instant solidarity and new in-jokes.

Go ahead, make new friends and enjoy being bald.


1.  by Dennis Green, published March 9, 2016, accessed February 13, 2020