Nine Different Shades of OPI Pinks You Can Try in 2022

Pink is the most beautiful nail polish color because it exudes innocence in full measure. You bring out the child from within your personality when you wear pink shades, But do you know there are various pink OPI shades to enhance your overall beauty quotient. We shall look at nine pink shades you must check out when you buy OPI nail polishes. Each of these shades is legendary to the core.

Nine Beautiful Pink Shades to Remember

Here are the most beautiful new OPI gel colors in pink shades that can look memorable on your nails.

Pink – As simple as it gets

Whenever you think pink, the qualities that come to mind are passion, affection, generosity, friendliness, and femininity. So, pink is the most lovable color in the OPI gel polish range. It can have a calming influence on your personality and increase your passion to the next level. Therefore, you find young lovers having more of the simple pinks than other sensual colors.

Blush – Stunning, to say the least

You can ask any bride which color she would like the most to describe her feelings on her wedding day. It has to be the Blush Pink because it symbolizes her personality to the maximum. These light and delicate shades can look stunning on the bride’s nails as she walks hand-in-hand with the groom on the stage. The bridesmaids can complement her by wearing different shades of Blush pink and making the event look colorful.

Flamingo Pink – A stubborn shade

Generally, you associate pink with blushing and shyness. However, flamingo pink is different because it is the most aggressive-looking pink color among all new OPI gel colors. This pink flamingo shade looks energetic and enthusiastic and is considered the most stubborn pink shade. Maybe, it has got the name because of this stubbornness as the flamingo is a bird that usually stands on one leg all the time.

Bright Pink – A bold statement

While most pink shades look subdued, the bright pink color is the perfect opposite as it shines its way through other shades and looks dominating. Generally, headstrong women prefer the bright pinks to the subdued shades like the peach. The bright pink hue lets the woman make a forceful statement and suits the strong and level-headed woman’s thinking the best.

Salmon – A unique shade

Salmon pink is a beautiful shade that is available in different textures. This exquisite color symbolizes wellbeing and pleasure. The color can range from a pale brownish pink hue to the brightest pinks. You can also refer to salmon pink as coral pink if the shades move towards orange. This high-quality pink shade is gaining popularity, with more people preferring it when they buy OPI nail polishes.

Ruby – Competes with the reds

Generally, ruby denotes the red shade. But you can have lighter shades of ruby red that resemble the pinks more than the reds. This shade is the most glamorous hue that exudes confidence and passion to the maximum. People who wear the ruby pinks are considered excited, bold, daring, and dramatic. So, if you belong to this category, you should be trying out the ruby as one of the best new OPI gel colors.

Fuchsia – The most professional pink shade

Professionals usually prefer the Fuchsia pink shade as it suits their attire better than the other pink shades. While the lighter pinks can look innocent, the deeper Fuchsia pink shade enhances working women’s confidence and takes it to the next level. This shade is perfect for the board and customer meetings where you can make your presence felt while looking glamourous at the same time.

Violet – Balance between desire and judgment

The violet is a mixture of red and blue shades. So, if you have more red, you end up with a pinkish violet hue. The pinkish violet symbolizes temptation and makes you look different from others having the pure violets on their nails. Blue represents judgment, whereas ted signifies desire. So, the pinkish violet is a perfect combination of the two contrasting hues, with passion overcoming the judgment quotient and simultaneously making you look mature and sensual.

Purple – A romantic hue

Finally, we come to the most romantic pink shade, purple. While you have different shades of purple, the shade leaning toward red symbolizes insecurity and fragility. These are the qualities you expect in romantic people who also display a sense of intuition as one of the natural qualities.

Final Words

We have discussed nine beautiful pink-based OPI gel colors that enable you to make a compelling fashion statement. So, you know which colors suit you the best, depending on your natural traits. Therefore, you can make the best choices when you buy OPI nail polishes and add them to your new OPI gel colors collection.