The Best Gel Color Nails for October 2022

September is a transitional month as the climate changes from warm to comfortably cold. So, by the time October starts, the air will be chilly, forcing you to take out the woolens from the wardrobe. It is also the right time to change your gel color nails and switch to colors that suit the cooler months. Let us look at some exciting LDS nail color options that should make your October memorable.

Top Gel Color Nails for October

Wine Red – Dark hues are the trend

LDS offers an exciting range of dark red nail colors that can make October a special month in the year. The vampy-purple red hue brings out the naughty little girl from inside you as you wear this dark shade to spice up the environment. So, while it can take some time for the climate to cool down considerably, your nails will be ready. So, the dark red should be perfect with your woolen clothing as you enjoy the wintry evenings by the fireside.


Nine Different Shades of OPI Pinks You Can Try in 2022

Pink is the most beautiful nail polish color because it exudes innocence in full measure. You bring out the child from within your personality when you wear pink shades, But do you know there are various pink OPI shades to enhance your overall beauty quotient. We shall look at nine pink shades you must check out when you buy OPI nail polishes. Each of these shades is legendary to the core.

Nine Beautiful Pink Shades to Remember

Here are the most beautiful new OPI gel colors in pink shades that can look memorable on your nails.

Pink – As simple as it gets

Whenever you think pink, the qualities that come to mind are passion, affection, generosity, friendliness, and femininity. So, pink is the most lovable color in the OPI gel polish range. It can have a calming influence on your personality and increase your passion to the next level. Therefore, you find young lovers having more of the simple pinks than other sensual colors.


The Secrets of DND DC Gel

Nail lovers usually have a knack for beautiful designs without any creative design. Among their list preference for polishing their nails is quality gel. Let’s take a critical look at the DND DC gel while proceeding with this article.

What is a DND DC Gel?

DND gel is a quality glossy shine that can last for weeks (3 or more) without peeling or chipping. The gel can soak off thoroughly in 10 to 15 minutes. They exist in several colors, and their application is fast and thinner at affordable prices.

These gels contain essential vitamins to boost the strength of your nail and make it look healthy and attractive for weeks. It usually comes in sets with varieties of colors to beautify your nails. The DND DC gel polish is premium with high-quality coverage and pigmentation. A DND DC gel varies from a DND gel in that the DND is a hybrid of gel, while the DC is 100% gel.


Learn How to Get Dip Powder Acrylic Nails at Home

Acrylic nail extensions are a boon to women having short and stubby nails because they allow them to have long and shapely nails to add to the attraction quotient. Generally, people do not try the acrylic procedure at home because it is comparatively difficult to gel and dip powder manicures. Visiting a nail salon to get your dip powder acrylic nails is always better. But, if you want to learn how to get a quality acrylic nail manicure at home, you have come to the right place.

How to Get Acrylic Nails at Home

Assemble your acrylic nail kit

The first thing you do is assemble your nail kit. Your acrylic nail kit comprises nail cutters, trimmers, nail files, buffs, cuticle pushers, alcohol wipes, nail polish removing solutions, cuticle oil, wholesale acrylic powder, and acrylic liquid, brushes, bowls, etc.


Makeup Tips for Older Women to Give Them a Gorgeous Glow

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and begins to sag. This is due in part to the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping skin looking taut and young. But there are things we can do to help our skin look its best as we get older. Here are some tips for applying makeup products that will give your skin a gorgeous glow.

Makeup Tips to Follow


When choosing a foundation, select one that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. A tinted moisturizer can also be used to provide light coverage. Avoid using heavy foundations or powders, as they will only make your skin look more aged.

BB Cream

A great way to achieve a youthful glow is to use a BB cream. This multi-purpose product can be used as a primer, foundation, and moisturizer. Look for the best Korean BB cream for mature skin as they are not only in trend these days but also very beneficial.


Couple’s T-shirt Designs That Could Bring a Smile

A great sense of humor is welcome as it can bring a smile to everyone’s lips in a gathering. Humor can go a long way in cementing relationships between couples. Besides lightening the environment, it is always good to have a hearty laugh that can do a lot of good for your heart. However, being funny all the time is not everyone’s cup of tea. A suitable alternative is for couples to have t-shirt designs that match and convey a funny message simultaneously. Here are some t shirt design templates that couples will enjoy.

Best T-shirt Designs for Couple

The Boss and the Real Boss Combo

Men love to be the boss and wear it on their sleeves. However, every man would readily acknowledge that the real boss in the home is the wife. When it is a universal fact, you can accept it and have a great time wearing t-shirts depicting the man as ‘The Boss’ and the woman as ‘The Real Boss.’ It is indeed a fantastic feeling to wear these t-shirts and go around the town displaying the message for everyone to see and admire.


Applying a Self-tanning Lotion Without Using a Mitt

Everyone likes to get tanned during the swimsuit season. However, you will want to the skin from the UV rays while getting a perfect golden tan. Using a self-tanner is the ideal option for those who want a natural tan.

In this article, we will explain why using a mitt is not important to get the perfect tanned skin. You will also learn the best ways to how to apply self tanner without mitt?

Although a mitt is useful, it is not required to get a sunless tan. There are a lot of people who get tanned without having access to a mitt.

One should avoid using their hands to apply self-tanner product on the skin because it can darken the nails. We have shared some alternatives that you can use to get a sunless tan.

The Best Alternative to Mitt for Applying Self-Tanner

Here is the list of alternatives that can be used to apply self-tanner.


You can finally use that old sock that lost its partner. Using socks instead of mitts might sound a little doubtful at first. However, it is the best alternative that is effective and helpful in the application process. Make sure the sock is thick to protect the hands from getting colored.

You should turn the sock inside out before starting to use it to apply a self-tanner on the skin. Don’t use a sock that you might want to wear again because it will turn useless.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves that our moms mostly use to clean the dishes can be an alternative to mitts. You can use rubber gloves to protect the hands while applying the self-tanning products. Moreover, these gloves will not absorb. You can apply as much tanning lotion as required.


Reason Why You Need SNS Manicure

DIY manicures are the new trend, especially among those who simply love having beautifully and aesthetically pleasing nails. SNS dipping nails are trending on number one among fashionistas who love to stay on top of their fashion games and make their nails pop in the crowd.

While you can get exceptional SNS nail dip powder manicure services from different nail salons in your neighborhood, you ought to know why SNS dipping nails are a better and healthier option for your nails. The SNS nail dip powder is specifically designed to extend your natural nails along with making them beautiful and noticeable.

How to Apply SNS Nail Dip Powder?

If this is your first time applying SNS nail dip powder, you ought to know a little bit about the application process of this manicure. After prepping your nails, a light and thin layer of SNS gel base is applied on all nails. After the SNS gel base, the nails will be dipped in the SNS nail dip powder of your choice.


The Unbeatable Price of OPI Gel Nail Polish

The fashion industry has gone beyond its focus on clothes and shoes. Every part of the human body has become sensitive to this fashion age. The nail is not an exception to these trends, without a doubt. It’s incredible the way your nails become a center of attraction with gel nail polish. It gives a shining effect that highlights the beauty of your fingernails and toenails. It boosts your self-esteem alongside your outfit. You really can’t compare the impact of a gel polish with ordinary polish.

Gel nail polish gives your nails a radiant look. It protects your nails and makes them healthy. You can use nail polish on all types of nails; it could be your natural nail or an artificial (fixed) nail. It is most difficult for people to grow natural nails; this is why they opt for artificial nails. Whichever you choose to keep, purchase OPI gel nail polish to keep your nails sparkling. OPI nail polish price varies; it depends on your choice of shade and pigment.

What makes OPI gel nail polish stand out?

OPI gel polish is also referred to as ‘Gelcolor Soak-off Gel Lacquer.’ It is accessible in collecting pigments; it gives a weightless feeling and an enduring high-quality glossy look. The gel nail polish has a thin, brush-on mixture formulated for a more lustrous glow and high performance when compared with ordinary nail polish.


How to Apply and Remove DND Gel Nail Polish at Home

Women feel incomplete without their make-up kits. The gel manicure kit is a critical aspect of their cosmetic equipment. Of the various nail manicure options available, the gel manicure is preferable because of multiple reasons. We shall explore how to apply and remove DND nail polish colors at home in this blog. Meanwhile, here are the benefits of gel manicures that you should be aware of.

The first, gel manicures are amongst the easiest to apply and remove compared to other techniques.

The second, gel polish is available in a fantastic spectrum of colors, like DND colors.

The third, gel manicures last long, easily up to three or four weeks, depending on the maintenance.

Generally, you should go to a nail salon to get a gel manicure. However, you can learn how to do it at home. We shall explore the techniques of applying and removing gel polish at home in the following paragraphs.

Step by Step Apply DND Nail Polish

Step 1 – Preparation is crucial

To get the best out of DND gel, it is critical to prepare your nail for the job. You should ensure to keep the hands/nails clean and dry. It is also advisable to shape your nails by using a sterilized nail file. The 180/240 grit file should be the best to shape your nails properly.

Use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push the cuticles gently. If there is any cuticle on the nail, it is better to scrape it off carefully. It is advisable to wipe your nails using nail wipes dipped in an alcohol solution. Besides disinfecting, it ensures that your nails are clean without any debris. (more…)