Applying a Self-tanning Lotion Without Using a Mitt

Everyone likes to get tanned during the swimsuit season. However, you will want to the skin from the UV rays while getting a perfect golden tan. Using a self-tanner is the ideal option for those who want a natural tan.

In this article, we will explain why using a mitt is not important to get the perfect tanned skin. You will also learn the best ways to how to apply self tanner without mitt?

Although a mitt is useful, it is not required to get a sunless tan. There are a lot of people who get tanned without having access to a mitt.

One should avoid using their hands to apply self-tanner product on the skin because it can darken the nails. We have shared some alternatives that you can use to get a sunless tan.

The Best Alternative to Mitt for Applying Self-Tanner

Here is the list of alternatives that can be used to apply self-tanner.


You can finally use that old sock that lost its partner. Using socks instead of mitts might sound a little doubtful at first. However, it is the best alternative that is effective and helpful in the application process. Make sure the sock is thick to protect the hands from getting colored.

You should turn the sock inside out before starting to use it to apply a self-tanner on the skin. Don’t use a sock that you might want to wear again because it will turn useless.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves that our moms mostly use to clean the dishes can be an alternative to mitts. You can use rubber gloves to protect the hands while applying the self-tanning products. Moreover, these gloves will not absorb. You can apply as much tanning lotion as required.

Cling Wrap

Cling wrap is a product that can be used for covering food as well as for applying lotions and gels to our skin. You need to cover the hands properly to create good protection from the tanning product. Although you can’t use it anymore after applying the lotion-like gloves and socks, it is an ideal and budget-friendly option.

Self-Tanning Wipes

There is a chance of finding these wipes inside the house. However, you can easily get self-tanning wipes from local stores. You won’t have to make any additional effort to use these wipes.

Hence, the popularity of these environment-friendly wipes in recent times has sky-rocketed. Various brands provide paraben-free self-tanning wipes. You should choose wipes that are good for the skin.

Apply Self-Tanner Without Mitt

Once you have selected the alternative product for applying self-tanning lotion, follow the simple steps to get a flawless tan & learn to apply self tanner without mitt?

Prepare the Skin

You have to exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells. Shave your body and remove all tiny hair particles that can block the tanning process. Moreover, take a shower and apply moisturizer for at least 5 hours before starting the tanning process.

Choose a Tanning Lotion

There are various types of self-tanning products available for different skin types. You should choose a sunless tanning product that gives the desired result. For instance, if you are dealing with anemia, selecting the best self-tan for pale skin will be an ideal option.

Apply the Self-Tanning Lotion

Wear a cloth you don’t wish to reuse. You should read the directions mentioned in the product. Then, start applying the lotion from the legs. Make sure to apply the lotion evenly.

Leave It to Dry

Self-tanning lotions usually require 20-30 minutes to dry. Hence, let it dry to get the best tanning result. You can use a hairdryer in case there is any hurry. Check the directions mentioned in the product to understand how long it will take to dry.

Take a Shower

After applying tanning lotion, wait for 8 hours before taking a shower. You will see the tanning result after a couple of hours. Hence, take a shower after achieving the desired result. Don’t use body wash products with harsh chemicals that can remove the tan.


We hope you now understand how to apply self-tanning lotions without using a mitt. You should choose gloves or socks that won’t be required anymore. Follow the simple instructions to get the desired tanning effect.