How to Enjoy Going Bald

Maybe you didn’t want to lose your hair.

Perhaps you feel self-conscious.

But like everything else in life, you can make the best of it.

How to Enjoy Going Bald

Want to know what the secret is?

Instead of treating it like a burden, turn it into a treat.

Make it appealing

Remember the story of Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence?

Tom didn’t want to paint. He wanted to play.

So, with a stroke of genius, he tricked others into doing the work for him.

He did it by making the job of painting the fence seem like the most desirable thing to do in the whole world.

Other kids even paid him for the privilege.

It’s time to do the same thing in your mind.

Make being bald extremely desirable.

Start off by developing a routine that you enjoy.

First, choose a barbershop-quality shaving cream for your head.

You know, the ones that let the razor glide without nicking your skin.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cream or an oil.


Create Stunning 3D Floral Nail Design Using Nail Dipping Powder

Everyone loves to visit nail salon every now and then. Having a freshly cleaned nails makes a woman confident and it gives one the feeling that they do anything especially if they have a fierce nail design. One of the most sought after designs are flowers, its feminine, it’s glamorous and they never go out of style. But visiting the nail salon every so often can be tiresome not only for the busy and working ones but also to the pocket because salon made nails comes with a hefty price tag. Here we have curated some 3D nail design ideas that you can do at home to save you time and money. Feel free to recreate your own look.

Floral Nail Design

1. 3D Black and Yellow Floral Design

A 3D floral nail design is an excellent design because it can go with almost any occasion or even as a daily wear. To get started make an ombre from LDS D74Black list and LDS D11Mellow Yellow. This look creates a very realistic flower that will put everyone in awe. This look can be worn on any special occasion and if you want to look extra glam, you can add some crystals too.


The Products That Make Getting Your First Tattoo a Breeze

It’s normal to be a little anxious when you’re about to get your first tattoo. Even if it’s your second time around, your previous experience might not have been all you hoped for. After all, sometimes tattoos are painful, they scab, or they get infected (1). We wanted to help you avoid those unfortunate circumstances so we found all the products you need to make getting inked as pleasant as possible.

 best tattoo numbing creams

No, tattoos aren’t painless. Some places on your body will hurt more than others. That’s why you can’t go wrong by buying one of the best tattoo numbing creams ahead of time. Depending on which one you choose, you’ll want to apply it an hour or two before your appointment. You may also decide to use it after you’ve been inked to keep yourself from scratching.


How to Remove Dip Powder

Once you have had that perfect look on your nails, it will not last forever. After 3 to four weeks of application, you will start seeing an overgrowth that simply means that you need another dip powder finish. Before you get it, however, the initial dip powder layer must be removed. Being a professional or even a beginner, you need to know how to remove dip powder from your nails. The easy application process might not be similar to the removal procedure. However, this article sheds light into how you can remove dip powder.

Ease of application has been the main thing that makes dip powders very popular among those who know the after results. Regardless, the removal process of SNS dip powder is also easy which means that you have nothing to worry about. It is also quick hence you do not have to worry about wasting a lot of time. It is one of those activities that you can easily perform at home. One of the processes that you can use to remove it is through the use of aluminium foil or acetone. Moreover, you can opt to use acetone soak and still achieve the same results. It does not matter on which method you use but the results should be strong, healthy and happy nails.

remove dip powder

Using Aluminum Foil

This is a mechanical process that involves removing the top layer on the nails by sanding it down using an aluminium foil. The top layer is a shiny layer that gives your nails the elegant look. This is the layer obtained from either OPI dipping powder, sky dipping powder and SNS nails powder among other dipping powders. This layer does not have to be bitten off by teeth neither do you have to use a kitchen knife to scrub it off. It is essential to use an aluminium foil for this process. Make sure that you thoroughly file each of the nails and with efficiency, the powder will come off. Note that as you file, the process should be even. (more…)

Nail Salon Near Me

Having my nails looking amazing requires a lot. I will have to get out and look for a place where they can be attended to. For a while now, I have been travelling a distance to have my nails polished, trimmed, shaped among others. Nowadays, I have known another place in the neighbourhood where I can receive such services. The nail salon near me is one of the most elegant places I have ever been. With their exquisite services, one leaves the place feeling attractive and confident.

nail salon near me

The place is a short distance from my home which means that I do not have to seek other transport means to the place. However, if I have to use a car to the place, there is an ample parking where your car will always be safe. On the outside, there are security guards who make sure that the cars kept in the parking are safe and that everyone is checked for security reasons. Moreover, there are CCTV cameras to boost security in the area. The surrounding has very beautiful trees and flowers that make the place cool and very comfortable. There are benches on the outside under the trees where clients can always relax before or after the service. (more…)

Make Up

Colorescience was the first cosmetic line to introduce the mineral concept, revolutionizing the make-up industry. A sophisticated palette for that flawless, youthful look, it is also the purest, natural line most recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It is clearly our choice, as skincare professionals, to reveal your loveliest skin. Schedule a complimentary make-over when you book your next facial.

Event Make-Up: $55

Facial Care

Choose from a selection of classic SOTHYS European facials offered in the world’s finest spas. These 75 minute treatments include deep cleansing, exfoliation, purifying steam, gentle extraction, and therapeutic facial, neck and shoulder massage. Skin-specific serum and customized masque are then applied, while offering a moisture-replenishing hand treatment. Your esthetician will assist you in determining the appropriate facial for your particular needs.

Healthy and radiant skin begins with a conversation.

We begin with a thorough consultation so we may recommend the best facial and regimen for your skin. The effectiveness of SOTHYS treatments is based on complementing highly sophisticated beauty institute treatments with home care to prolong the effects of your salon treatment.

Skincare Consultation

Complimentary consultation by Lead Esthetician to design a personalized, custom skincare regimen targeting specific concerns and goals.

SOTHYS Facials

All SOTHYS facials include deep-pore cleanse, exfoliation, steam, gentle extractions, exclusive Digi-Esthétique® massage, masque, and hand treatment. Allow 75 minutes. Enhance your results with the addition of a peel.

Classic European Facial

Helps maintain a healthy complexion incorporating European methods to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. A customized ampoule and a relaxing facial massage and hand treatment make this a unique experience that rejuvenates and illuminates the skin. $95

Rosacea and Delicate Skin Facial

Fragrance-free, healing extracts calm and soothe to restore balance for sensitive or reactive complexions. $100

Purifying Corrective Facial

Designed for the treatment of oily, problematic, blemished skin. Concentrated formulas combined with high-frequency light offer multi-benefits to absorb oil, reduce impurities, exfoliate, soothe and balance the skin. $100

Certified Organic French Garden Facial

100% organic essences increase the skin suppleness and radiance with exquisite natural freshness $115

Seasonal Splendor Facial

Botanically active aromatherapy and a tightening algae mask keep skin in harmony with the season. $110

Petite Facials

Deep-pore cleanse exfoliation, steam & masque. Allow 45 minutes.

Classic Petite Facial

Customized beauty boost. $70

Ultra C Petite Facial

A detoxifying and brightening mini facial to regenerate and refine the skin. Formulated with an anti-pollution shield and antioxidants, this treatment brings instant radiance for a smooth and fresh complexion. $85

Mademoiselle Facial

An excellent introduction to proper skincare for the young ladies (13 and younger). $55

Les Traitements Intensifs

Intensive Treatments

Target specific skin-aging concerns while you experience the ultimate French skincare protocol. At the heart of the Sothys skin care programs are the Intensive Treatments. Each cutting-edge, professional-only treatment utilizes the latest bio-technology to offer cosmeceutical-grade solutions second to none. Allow 90 minutes.

[CH] Collagen Hyaluronique™ Firming, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

This customized anti-aging facial packs a powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen mask and hyaluronic filling serum. Reveal a more youthful skin. $135

Hydradvance™ Hydration Facial

Restore your skin’s capacity to re-hydrate. The customized facial works to exfoliate, rehydrate, regenerate, plump and rebalance the skin. The intensive treatment results in a 34% increased hydration after one week. $135

C-Esta Facial

Combining lipid-soluble Vitamin C and DMAE to boost collagen production, repair free-radical damage and enhance facial tone, the C-ESTA Facial will provide instant visible results. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, suppler, firmer and lifted with a more defined facial contour. $125
Glycolic Peel Add-on (recommended): $70

Retinol Plus Facial

The Retinol Plus Facial utilizes the highest concentration of retinol and multiple advanced technologies for enhanced resurfacing and skin refining effects. This corrective facial will provide immediate visible skin refinement, greater smoothness and hydration, and will assist in helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and facial discoloration. $125 (more…)

Intensive Care

Glycolic acid peels result in a more uniform complexion and smoother skin. They eliminate cellular debris and dead cells that congest the pores and dull the skin. By resurfacing the skin, peels minimize fine lines, control acne-prone congestion and lighten uneven pigmentation for more refined, radiant skin. Health benefits include exfoliation of abnormal cells that can lead to skin cancer.

Non-Invasive Peels
Perfect for those wanting noticeable skin-smoothing and brightening exfoliation without the downtime and irritation caused by aggressive treatments.

Jan Marini 40% Glycolic Acid Peel
This Glycolic Resurfacing treatment resurfaces and refines skin texture, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, assists in resolving acne and fades the appearance of discoloration to even skin tone.

JM Glycolic Acid Peel: $75
Add-on with facial $65
Peel Series (3 peels over 3 weeks) $195

Enzyme Peel
The Glycolic and Green Papaya Enzyme Resurfacing is an accelerated facial treatment that incorporates two effective topical exfoliants. The combination of glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes safely intensifies the resurfacing action and provides dramatic results for virtually any skin type.

Enzyme Peel $80
Add-on with facial $70
Accelerated Peel series (3 peels over 3 weeks) $210

Brilliance Retinol Peel
This peel incorporates 1% retinol to enhance skin-refining for greater smoothness and brightness, and will assist minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Recommended homecare includes Retinol Plus for two weeks prior (stopping 2-3 days before), and beginning the following day. Homecare helps to condition, sustain, and accelerate results.

Brilliance Retinol Peel $85
Add-on with facial $75
Accelerated Peel series (3 peels) $225

Intensive Refine Peel

The Refine Peel is designed for all skin types for more significant skin rejuvenation in fewer treatments, and with less downtime than more aggressive procedures. Peel application is followed by a highly concentrated Retinol Activator containing peptides and antioxidants to enhance recovery and maximize results. Consultation required. Recommended homecare includes Retinol Plus for two weeks prior (stopping 2-3 days before), and beginning the following day. Homecare helps to condition, sustain, and accelerate results.

Intensive Refine Peel: $175
Peel Series (3 over 3 months): $450


Bikini line                                         $30
Brow design                                      $25
Brow Maintenance                         $20
Lip                                                       $15
Chin                                          $15
Full Cheek                                         $25
Sideburn                                            $15
Full face                                             $55
Arm                                                     $50
½ Arm                                               $40
Underarm                                         $25
Full leg                                               $75
Half leg                                              $45
Back                                                    $65
Lower Back                                      $30
Lash                                                    $25
Brow                                                   $15